wetsuits for kids

These Are The Best Wetsuits For Kids This Summer

Many parents wonder if a wetsuits for kids are really necessary. The answer is, yes! When your child is snorkeling, surfing or standup paddle-boarding a wetsuit will help prevent against harmful UV rays (it’s best to look for a wetsuit with UPV 50+ protection; though it’s by no means a replacement for sunscreen). A wetsuit will also help keep your child warm as it insulates him or her from water temperature (remember children can go from normal to hypothermia alarmingly fast as their bodies aren’t yet developed in the way adult bodies are to keep them warm).

The thickness of a wetsuit is important to consider too. Thickness can offer young children additional buoyancy in the water – though wetsuits are in no way a replacement for life jackets. You will find a variety of options when it comes to this. The thicker the wetsuit. the more buoyancy. But you’ll also want factor in the outside temperature and the water temperature when deciding on which option to opt for. In the same vein you’ll want to consider the outside/water temperature when deciding between a full-body wetsuit vs a short wetsuit.


With the general housekeeping out of the way, read on to see some of the best wetsuits for kids!

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