Mommy Must-Have: Joules’ High Waist Elasticated Bottoms

If you’re a parent to a baby you know how hard it is to keep your LO’s belly covered when they’re in a two-piece. No matter what you do, that top always seems to go up exposing their stomach. This is particularly problematic when the weather is cold… but not with Joules’ genius high-rise pants.


Above you can see my son pictured in a pair of their elasticated waist bottoms (made with super soft organic cotton) – it’s part of this two-piece set. The pants are considerably more high-waisted than other brands, so they go over the belly and stay there! No matter how high a shirt or sweater goes your kiddo’s stomach will always stay nice and toasty.

That’s not all, these wash amazingly well, fit easily and very comfortably over diapers and they have a ton of color and print options. Since trying these out there are few other brands I have been using for bottoms when it’s cold!

On a side note, I could not recommend their Peter Rabbit collection more – especially this two-piece that also comes with those genius high-waist, won’t-move bottoms!