Fall Decorating Tips

When the weather begins to turn chilly and you hear the crunch of dried leaves under your feet and you find yourself reaching for your most comfy sweatshirt to keep you warm – you know that fall has arrived. 


Think of this comfy sweatshirt when getting your rooms ready for the cooler season.  Warm and cozy are the two features that you want to make sure each room has when decorating for fall.  You want to enhance your comfort, maximize your space as you will be indoors most of the time, and go easy on your wallet.

Create a Place to Gather

When the weather brings us indoors every home needs a place to hang out together as a family or when having friends over on Sunday afternoon to watch the game. Having a TV cabinet that puts your TV front and center, that can also be customized to fit your space and serves your needs, will help make the room the most used area in the house. 

1. VARA storage combination with sliding doors.  Extra pillows can be used on the floor for kids who like to lie down to watch their favorite shows. VILMIE FIGUR pillow cushion covers are easily removed to clean and swap out for seasonal color changes.

2. HEMNES Bookcases and storage combinations look good, help you organize, and have cable management to keep all the electronic cords at bay. It is functional as well as a place to add some of your favorite things that make you smile and give your house personality.  Woven baskets add lots of texture and warmth as well as a place to decoratively hide and organize items like DVD’s, kids toys, and magazines.

3. BESTA storage combination with solid doors hides your stuff and will become the focal point in your room. It can be outfitted with solid, glass, or no doors.  There are many options to fit your needs and space.

Create a Warm and Cozy Feel

Fall Decorating Tips

4. Create a cozy conversational grouping and TV watching area. Visually pull this together with the use of area rugs.  Use two or more to define your area. KATTRUP rug.  A KIVIK sofa can be configured to fit into your space. KIVIK sofas also have removable covers that can easily be switched for the change of seasons to warm up a room or when your team scores a touchdown and soda accidently gets spilled over it when Uncle Bob jumps from his chair in excitement – no worries as it can easily be cleaned.

– Moveable furniture does double-duty so that everyone gets the best seat in the house to watch the game and have a place to put their drink. Footstools and ottomans provide easy movable storage, plus a place to store extra throws, pillows, and your excess stuff. They can also act as tables when a tray is set on top.  LACK side tables on casters provide easy accessible storage underneath leaving the top clutter free and a place to serve up appetizers and snacks.

– Mix in texture with a MAJBY rattan side chair or two.

– Expanding Table – Every home needs a table – BJURSTA dining table – is small enough for day to day meals, doing homework on, and playing board games around, but is easily extended when family and guests come to celebrate. The extra leaf is smartly stored under the table top and can seat 10 -14.

5. Warm and cozy does not have to be cluttered. Functional and attractive storage not only will keep your things organized, but will keep the room clutter free which will provide more room for living.  EXPEDIT bookcases come in many sizes and finishes.  The baskets are designed to fit perfectly inside each cubby.

6. Lighting can make or break a space.  When you want a warmer feel to your decor – use beige or ecru colored shades. They will give the light a nice warm glow.  Floor lamp ORGEL VRETEN.

Tactile Textures and Textiles

Fall Decorating Tips

When changing your furnishings to welcome fall use a variety of different textures to add warmth and visual interest to your rooms.

7. Add more than one throw blanket – Mix solid color woven throws with some patterned and nubby textured throws. These add a touch of warmth to any color scheme. You will know when a throw blanket is comfy as it is the first one all family members grab.  When you have an item like this – buy more than one so everybody will be comfy. VILMIE RUND black and white check throw.  Woven ALSEDA footstools can be stacked and used as end tables when needed. A natural jute rug along with the throw pillows in darker colors will warm up a light color sofa.

8. Add a bold pattern to the room – either on the floor, wall, or across the back of a sofa with a classic KOLDBY cowhide rug.  It goes with any decor and adds instant chic.  

9. Plush area rugs in warm autumnal colors instantly warm up any space while adding style.

How to Warm Up a Cool Color Scheme

Fall Decorating Tips

10. Traditional styled furnishings never go out of style and always provide classic comfortable seating. It looks good no matter what the season. The large coffee table is perfect for accessorizing with candles, books, and accessories. It is even the perfect height for putting up tired feet. Black accents and different textures in the way of throws and pillows warm up the cool color scheme – GURLI throw in white adds something soft to curl up in.    A striped or patterned rug adds interest to the solid colored furnishings.   HEMMNES series dressers, table, and storage units. EKTORP seating has removable covers so you can change the colors by the season or to mix and match for added interest and style.

– Add a touch of the unexpected in a traditionally decorated room as an accent – use a barstool as moveable side table. DALFRED barstool.

– A gallery wall of family photos not only adds interest, but makes the room more personal.  RIBBA frames.

– For stylish hidden organization place two identical dresser drawers against a long wall.  Treat the top as you would a sofa table or console.

– When the days are short and darkness falls before dinner time, mirrors are a nice way to add some light back into the room as they will reflect the available light in the room. SONAGE mirror.

– Keep lights low – one big ceiling fixture will cast a harsh cold light. Use small spot lights to highlight and accent your furnishings – this will add a nice ambiance. A reading light by each seat will give ample reading light. BAROMETER floor/reading lamps.