5 Rituals for Making Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home


I sometimes travel for work (and play with my BFF—in fact, we recently spent a week in New York). Although it’s nice to get away from the family and catch my breath, I do miss their crazy shenanigans and the comforts of home.


When I stay in hotels, I miss my family and the warmth of my own bed. So when I travel I have a few little rituals that I do to help me stay reconnected and achieve the coziness I crave:

  1. Unpack: I used to skip this and would leave everything in my suitcase and shuffle through the bag each time I needed something. My suitcase would be a big messy pile. I was just afraid that if I unpacked I’d forget something when it was time to leave. After traveling with my BFF, I watched as she hung up her clothes and was surprised how much warmer the room felt. I now hang up my clothes and leave the closet door open so I see my own items filling up the empty hotel room space. It also reminds me what I brought so I can dress appropriately for meetings and nights out with the girls.
  2. Story Time Skype: I bring a lightweight storybook with me when I travel. I’ll Skype with my son and read to him. Reading together is one of our favorite nightly routines. When possible, I try to continue our routine even if I’m not there. It reminds him that even if I’m away he still needs to go to bed on time, and it helps him not to miss me so much.
  3. Homestyle Favorites: While hotels provide those cute little shampoos, lotions, and soaps, I like to bring my own products in travel size. This way I still have my favorite scents and products that work perfectly with my skin and hair.
  4. Flower Power: On a recent trip to Seattle with my family, my son picked a beautiful hydrangea bloom for me. I brought it back to the hotel room and placed it in a plastic cup of water and left it on the bathroom vanity. I was surprised how lovely it was to look at while I brushed my teeth. My friend Jessica, who travels often for work, says when possible she spruces up her hotel rooms with fresh flowers. She says it helps her de-stress each night and adds more color and life to her space.
  5. Healthy Snacks: One of my biggest complaints when I travel is food. You never know what you’re going to find and whether there will be healthy options. I recently went on a trip to Wisconsin, and healthy options were scarce. Iceburg lettuce salads were one of the healthiest menu items. I like to bring a few of my favorite healthy snacks with me in my carry-on bag. I bring a bag of pecans, a couple of apples or oranges, and some gluten-free crackers and chips with me so I have a few things to nibble on while I’m unwinding at night in the hotel room.


How do you make your hotel rooms feel more like home?

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