My Husband and I Are Out of Contact With Our Friends, What Steps Can We Take to Get Back On Track?

Has parenthood taken the fun out of your life as a couple? It’s a common occurrence; we get so focused on our duties, that we can end up with no adult social life. 


If it’s time for the two of you to get back into the groove; here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Call up the old pals – Get back in touch with the friends you used to do things with. Don’t worry; they’ll forgive you for your lapse. It’s likely that many of them have kids, too, so they understand how it works.

2. Throw a party – This is a great way to get reconnected with your friends. You can keep it simple; a 6:00 pm Friday evening happy hour is easy and low key.

3. Check out interesting local events – See what’s going on in your area. You may be able to find seasonal festivals, live theatre events, or charity galas. It’s fun to break out of the “dinner and a movie” routine.

4. Make friends with other people who have children–It’s a great situation when you like your neighbors and they have kids! But even if they don’t, you can import a family or two each month. Share date night, go out as a family, or have a kids play and parent’s party event at your home.

5. Have an “out of the ordinary” date night – Find one of those “make your own pottery” shops or take a cooking class together. It’s an interesting way to connect with your spouse and an opportunity for making new friends, too.

6. Find a good babysitter or two – This is essential for maintaining a social life. The best babysitter is one that the children have fun with (so they don’t complain when you want to go out) and one you trust. Find two good ones so that you always have a backup. Check with your friends and neighbors who have children to get some recommendations.

Do your best to keep your social life afloat. It’s important to your relationship with your spouse and gives you a chance to have fun together and reconnect as a couple. Keeping your marriage alive and vibrant is one of the best things you can do for yourselves and for your children.