DIY Upcycled Tin Can Centerpiece

Any time I can use recycled products for a DIY project is a win in my book. So, I came up with a DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that involves a very common recycled material. Make a DIY message centerpiece using recycled soup and veggie cans. I chose “thankful” for this upcycled tin can project, but you could add any message to these cans—your last name, or even a holiday or birthday message.


DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea Using Recycled Cans

Here’s how to make your own:

Supplies for Thanksgiving Centerpiece Made of Cans


  • empty cans (washed, with lids removed)
  • spray paint
  • colorful paper
  • card stock
  • glue stick


Step 1: Start by deciding on your message and removing the labels from each can. I chose the word “THANKFUL,” so I needed eight cans (one for each letter) to complete my tablescape.

Remove labels from can

Step 2: Once the labels have been removed, spray paint each can in a rich fall color, like burgundy or gold. You’ll probably want to apply two coats.

Spray cans with spray paint

Step 3: While you’re waiting for the cans to dry, you can cut out the paper bands that will wrap around each can. For a standard sheet of colorful 8.5 x 11, you should be able to get two bands from each sheet. I made mine slightly larger than the ridges of the can for a more cohesive look. You’ll need one band of paper for every letter in your phrase.

Create paper bands for cans

Step 4: In the center or each band of paper, write one of the letters of your “THANKFUL” phrase.

Writing letters on paper

Step 5: Once the spray paint is completely dry, attach the finished letters to the can with a glue stick. (Glue the paper to itself, after wrapping tightly around the can.)

Attach paper to cans for centerpiece

Step 6: Add flowers and water and line up on the Thanksgiving dinner table or an entryway table to greet guests.


DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea Using Recycled Cans

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