DIY: Fringy Pencils Craft

Fringy Pencils - FINAL

Are your kids already bored at school? Make a fun craft and dress up your boring pencils in a fun and easy way. This DIY is perfect for classrom use or for party games that require pencils. You just need a couple of supplies and a few minutes and you'll have pretty new pencils in no time!


  • pencils
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • tissue paper

DIY Fringe Pencils


Step 1: Cut a length of tissue paper a little longer than your pencil. You want to have enough on the end to make some fringe! Next, line the edge with some double sided tape.DIY Fringe Pencils - Step 1

Step 2: Place your pencil along the tape and the edge. Make sure not to cover the tip of the pencil! Now tightly roll the pencil and double tape the second edge and close it off.DIY Fringe Pencils - Step 2

Step 3: Take your scissors and fringe the ends! Try not to cut past the eraser, it looks so much prettier if you can't see it. And that's it! Enjoy your fancy new pencils!DIY Fringe Pencils - Step 3