Rock Ghosts DIY Craft

Halloween is upon us! Of all the holidays, I get the most excited to decorate for Halloween because there are so many opportunities for making great Halloween crafts (while munching on Halloween goodies, of course!). These simple Rock Ghosts can be made in little time with very few supplies, and best of all, this is such a simple DIY, you can make this craft to make with kids.



  • rocks
  • white paint
  • black paint
  • paint brushes

Rock Ghosts DIY Craft - Supplies


Step 1: Use the white paint to paint the rocks all over. Depending on your paint, this may take several coats. Set the painted rocks aside to dry.

Rock Ghosts DIY Craft - Step 1

Step 2: Once the rock are dry, dip the wooden end of your brush (or you can use a pencil eraser) and apply the black paint to the rocks to make the black eyes and mouth.

Step 3: Let the Rock Ghosts dry and you're done! If desired, you can (and probably should) add a clear coat of spray to ensure you can use these little cuties for years to come.

Rock Ghosts DIY Craft - Step 3

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Kersey Campbell blogs at Ardor.