11 DIY Friendship Bracelets You Can Make Right Now

I was a friendship bracelet fanatic when I was a kid and I’m glad to see that the trend has returned with a vengeance for my daughter to enjoy. My best friend and I would set up shop in my kitchen when we were tweens and we would make dozens of cool friendship bracelets each week. I’m hoping that my kids and their friends will do the same. Not to necessarily sell and make money with (although I wouldn’t mind that), but to hand out to old and new friends at the beginning of the school year. DIY friendship bracelets are an amazing way for kids to break out of their comfort zone and talk to some new faces in class or at recess.

From macrame styles to the standard string fishtail pattern, there’s no shortage of DIY friendship bracelets to make these days. Here are a few of my favorites to inspire you.


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11 DIY Friendship Bracelets You Can Make Right Now

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