12 Ways to Upcycle K-Cups and Coffee Pods Into Fun Crafts for Kids

I’m a big morning person—as long as I’ve had my morning coffee. I can’t start the day right without my ritualistic K-cup. The only problem is, I go through a ton of K-cups and other coffee pods in the process, and I feel guilty every time I have to toss one in the trash. And now that we have been spending much of our time in the house, the K-cup mountain has been growing.

Fortunately, those cups don’t ever even have to reach a landfill because I figured out that they’re the perfect size for crafting with my kids. From cute animal figures to bath bombs and seed starters, there are tons of ways to upcycle K-cups.


Want to help the environment and tap into your creative side at the same time? Check out these genius ways to turn that mountain of empty K-cups into fun DIY projects with your kids.

Upcycle K-cups and Coffee Pods Into Crafts to Keep Kids Busy

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12 Ways to Upcycle K-Cups Into Fun Crafts for Kids