Throw pillows

11 Hacks To Upgrade Your Throw Pillows

Here’s the thing about transforming throw pillows you already have: it’s cheap, fun, and a great way to change up your decor. You can use the money you save by investing in something else. I mean, even though they’re small, the price tag of a store- bought throw pillow can be huge (I’ll never understand how something so little can cost $100). And here’s something else to love about DIY throw pillows: they can be used to cover up stains on furniture. Brilliant!

Instead of plopping down a stack of cash to change up my living room look a couple of times a year, I DIY a bunch of new pillows and that totally does the trick. Looking to upgrade your living room? These DIY throw pillows will inspire you!


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11 Hacks To Upgrade Your Throw Pillows


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