How to Make Coffee Filter Flower Crowns

paper flower crown

We love flowers of all kinds in our house. When we can’t pick real ones from the garden, we love to make paper ones. Okay. We love to make paper flowers all year around. But what REALLY makes my daughter’s eyes go all big red hearts are floral crowns; she loves them because they’re the perfect accessory for her imaginative play, and I love getting to watch her play.


We’ve made a crown out of baby’s breath, but I have yet to show her one of those really gorgeous real flower ones because I’m afraid she will request one frequently (I sure do!). But we found a colorful compromise. Simple, easy, and brightly colored coffee filter flowers make for a gorgeous, unique, and bohemian crown. All three are really easy; only one requires a few precise shapes. I simplified the color step as well, so in no time you and yours will be well on your way to a beautiful coffee filter flower crown.

paper flower crown

paper flower crown                              

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Coffee Filter Roses


hot glue gun scissors


Step 1: Trace and cut out the the petals from the coffee filters using the template.

coffee filters scissors

Step 2: Using petal #1, roll tightly and secure with hot glue. (It may be helpful to roll around a pencil temporarily to hold the shape and release the pencil when finished.)

green pencil white paper flower

Step 3: Wrap another #1 petal, making sure points do not overlap. Secure with hot glue.

white paper flower

Step 4: Using petal #2, wrap petal around previous work and secure. Repeat with another #2 petal.

white paper flower petals

Step 5: Using petal #3, wrap and secure. Repeat with another #3 petal.

white paper flowers

Step 6: Using petal #4, gently separate coffee filter layers on the perforated edge. Wrap and secure petal #4 around previous petals.

coffee filter flowers

Step 7: Using your desired amount of the #5 petals, glue the petals on the coffee filter flower to fill in the gaps. 

white paper flowers

Step 8: Finally, using a pencil or your fingers, pull apart petals to fill out the rose.

white paper rose

Coffee Filter Peonies


  • basket coffee filters
  • scissors
  • stapler

scissors stapler coffee filters


Step 1: Take 3 layered coffee filters and fold in half. Repeat, folding in half 3 more times.

coffee filters folded

Step 2: Starting ½ inch from the top of the folded filters, make an arced cut.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 with another set of 3 layered coffee filters.

Step 4: This time, make the arced cut ¼ inch from the top of the folded filters.

cut coffee filters scissors

Step 5: Open the larger set of filters and pan out so the notches of the petals are staggered.

paper flower peony

Step 6: Repeat step 5 with the smaller set of filters and lay in the middle of the larger filters. 

Step 7: Place your finger in the center of the stacked filters, and with your other hand pinch the bottom of the stack. At this point, secure the bottom of the filters together with a staple.

hands coffee filter flower

coffee filter flower staple

Step 8: Now, open and lay out the flower.

coffee filter peony

Step 9: Starting in the middle, separate each layer and pinch in the center. Don’t hesitate to “smash” the layers a bit to create a more realistic texture for the petals.

coffee filter peony

coffee filter peony

Simple Rolled Roses


  • basket coffee filters
  • scissors

coffee filters scissors


Step 1: Take one coffee filter and fold in half.

Step 2: Cut out inside center circle, leaving only ruffled rim.

coffee filter cut

Step 3: Keeping the rim folded in half, simply roll to create a flower! Pinch the bottom so it stays together.

rolled paper rose

Dyeing Flowers


  • medium cups
  • water
  • liquid watercolor paint
  • clothespins
  • rope, twine, or string to make clothesline for drying

cups of dye


Step 1: Pour about ¼ cup of water into a cup.

Step 2: Depending on the potency of each color, pour drops of paint into the water and stir.

Step 3: Submerge the flower into the paint mixture.

Step 4: Squeeze the excess paint out of the flower.

Step 5: Using a clothespin at the base of the flower, hang upside down on a clothesline to dry.

colorful paper flowers clothespins

Step 6: Repeat steps using different colors and styles of flowers.

colorful paper flowers

colorful paper roses

colorful paper peonies

colorful paper roses

Making the Headband:


  • floral tape
  • floral wire (soft and malleable)
  • pliers

wire tape pliers


Step 1: Wrap your wire around the child’s head to determine the length of wire needed and form a circle.

wire circle

Step 2: Wrap the wire with floral tape to hide the wire. (This also makes it easier for the flowers to adhere in the next step.)

floral tape wire

Step 3: Arrange your flowers how you prefer and attach them using floral tape. We chose to have the larger flowers in the front for a focal point, and we used the smaller ones to fill in holes and in the back.

flower crown

flower crown

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