DIY Travel Journal for Kids (or Adults!)

We have some pretty killer travels planned this summer, and whenever we travel I love to jot down the places we see and the things we do. I always think I’ll remember, but inevitably I forget unless I write it down somewhere! If you’re the same, whip up a few of these simple little DIY travel journals for your next family trip. They’re perfect for kids to help make and to write or draw the things that they see as you have your adventures. Wherever summer takes you, be sure to take these along!



  • fun patterned paper
  • card stock
  • writing paper (We used a combo of lined paper and graph paper for fun!)
  • thick stock paper for the binding
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • strong hole punch like the Crop-A-Dile
  • cord or twine for binding
  • optional: small envelope
  • cutting mat
  • pen


Step 1: Cut all your paper. You’ll need two pieces of card stock, one piece of patterned paper, and about thirty pieces of writing paper that are all 5″ x 7″. Cut the thick stock for binding to 2¼” x 7″.


Step 2: Cover the back of the patterned paper with the glue stick and adhere it to one of the pieces of card stock.


Step 3: Score your stock for binding. You can use the back of your scissors against a ruler to score one line on either side of the center quarter inch on the stock.


Step 4: Stack all of your pieces with the patterned card stock on top, writing sheets in the middle, and blank card stock at the back. Straighten it all out and fold your scored binding piece around it.


Step 5: Mark a small dot every inch along the center of the front side of the binding.


Step 6: Use the Crop-A-Dile to punch a 3/16″ hole on each of the six dots.


Step 7: Cut a length of cord and weave it through the holes, starting and ending on the back side.


Step 8: Tie the two ends in a flat knot on the back side and trim the tails. Add a pocket to the front using the glue stick if you wish.



Step 9: Take your journals along on your adventures and encourage your kiddos to write down their memories!


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