DIY Easter Egg Countdown Garland


Easter is on Sunday, April 5th in 2015 this year—right around the corner! Around Christmas, it’s so fun to see my niece and nephew counting down the days of December with their advent calendar. I got to thinking about how Easter is on the way soon and had the idea to do a similar thing with the days leading up to Easter! So this little Easter egg countdown garland was born. It’s beyond simple and will give you a chance to count down the days until Easter, and even teach your kiddos more about the Easter season if you celebrate it! If not, you can simply have it be a fun springtime activity around the house. Here’s how.



  • plastic Easter eggs (preferably the kind with two little holes on either end of the egg)
  • baker’s twine or thin rope
  • small toys and candies
  • gold paint pen


Step 1: Wipe out your eggs to be sure they’re clean. If you aren’t able to find the kind with two holes on the ends of the eggs, you can carefully puncture two small holes on the top end with an awl.


Step 2: String the eggs onto your twine. You can add as many as you like! Maybe you just want to count down the week before Easter, or maybe you want to do a whole spring month! 


Step 3: Fill each egg with a tiny surprise—stickers, stamps, candies, or little toys are all great ideas.


Step 4: Write the countdown numbers on the front of each egg.


Step 5: Hang the garland somewhere around your house and have fun with your kids by opening one egg each day until Easter!


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