8 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Kids’ Table

If you haven’t already started planning your Thanksgiving dinner, it is time! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as a mom one of the biggest concerns I have is the kids’ table. Not only do you want to make it festive and fun, but it is also important to keep the kiddos occupied. This Thanksgiving I have found some great ideas for the kids’ table will make you wish you could sit with them! From being able to color on the table to opening a surprise turkey leg full of candy, these activities are sure to keep the kids entertained the whole night. These fun activities and decor are easy to make, and you may even be able to recruit some of the kids to help you out. Having fun Thanksgiving activities at the kids’ table will take the stress off of you and the other parents attending. 

Turkey Scavenger Hunt

   Kids Table


Turkey hunt! Just like an Easter egg hunt but with turkeys. Such an easy way to get the kids excited. Get the printable and instructions at Bloom Designs.

Coloring Station

Kids Table

How adorable is this kids’ table set-up? My favorite part is the color station. Adding some craft or construction paper to the table and letting the kids color is sure to be big hit! See the entire setup and tips for pulling this off at A Blissful Nest.

Nuts for Tic Tac Toe

  Kids Table

Tic tac toe! This is such an easy game to put together. Just grab some place markers (nuts, candy, etc.) and draw a board on their table! See a slew of cool ways to incorporate nuts into your Thanksgiving table including this one at Food Network.

Decorated Mason Jars

Kids Table

I love this decorated mason jar for the crayons. The American Indian headband is the perfect way to decorate the table; plus, the kids have crayons to color the table with! Get the tutorial via Fiskars.

Turkey Cups

Kids Table

Gobble gobble! These turkey cups are so fun, and easy to make! Grab a cup, construction paper, and some scissors, and you’re set! Get the tutorial via Creative Juice.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Kids Table

Kids LOVE games, and how cute is this Thanksgiving themed bingo?! Definitely adding this to my kids’ table this year! Get the printable via Crazy Little Projects.

Candy-Filled Turkey Legs

Kids Table

These candy-filled turkey legs are so fun! Add the kids’ names, and they can serve as place cards. I have a feeling they will enjoy this more than the real turkey! Get the tutorial via Fiskars.

Turkey Juice Boxes

Kids Table

The kiddos will “gobble” up their juice boxes because they are so cute! Get the tutorial via Rusty and Rosy.

More Thanksgiving Kids’ Table Ideas:

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