DIY Easy to Sew Infinity Scarf

Isn’t scarf weather just the best? Picture yourself wearing this beauty, strolling around sipping something hot and pumpkin-y. Or picture your kiddos wearing them as they crunch through falling leaves! Whoever you might make it for, this simple, easy to sew infinity scarf is a perfect sewing project for a novice at the sewing machine—it takes just a few cuts and a few stitches. I especially love making scarves when I’m hunting down a specific color or pattern and can’t seem to find it in stores. Occasionally I’ll double up on the length to make a scarf that’s extra cozy.




  • about 1 yard of fabric (new or upcycled!)
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • scissors
  • pins


Step 1: Cut your fabric into two strips that are 36″ x 12″ if you’re making the scarf for an adult. If you’re making it for a child, cut it into two strips that are 24″ x 12″.


Step 2: If your fabric has edges that want to fray, set your machine to a zig-zag stitch and sew right down the edge of the fabric. If the fabric doesn’t fray, you can skip this step!


Step 3: Lay the two strips of fabric flat against each other, with right sides together (if the fabric has a right and wrong side). Line up the short ends of the fabric and pin one on top of the other. Sew a zig-zag stitch down the edge, stitching the ends together.


Step 4: Keeping the same sides of the fabric together, line up the other ends of the fabric and sew another zig-zag stitch. You should now have a ring of fabric.

scarf6 scarf7

Step 5: Flip the scarf right side out and wrap it around your neck a few times! You’re all set for fall and for that stroll in the leaves.

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