VIDEO: DIY Goes Viral – How to Make Lipstick Out of Crayons

It's viral video Monday! We've browsed the web for hours on end hunting for the best videos climbing the viewership ranks.

Did you know that you can make lipstick out of crayons? Surely you have tons of these bad boys laying around the house. This is a great, low cost way to dip your toes into trying different, wild colors on your lips: rather than invest money in colors that you're not sure you'll like, experiment with your kids' crayons that they've broken or aren't using anymore: you may discover that you ARE a wild orange lipstick type of girl!



  • non toxic crayons of your choice
  • coconut oil or shea butter
  • a stir stick
  • a glass jar (like a small mason jar)
  • a pot of water
  • the stove

Check out the full tutorial via Madisradd below:

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