DIY: Reversible Tablecloth with Pom Pom Trim

I recently remodeled my daughter's room and her play table was begging for a proper tablecloth that could be used when we have our fashionable tea parties. I designed this one with a lighthearted theme using oversized pom trim and playful fabrics. Best of all, it's reversible! My daughter can switch it up whenever she wants. Try this easy DIY. (It's designed for a 25 inch round table, so adjust for your specific needs.)


  • 1 yard fabric in a design you and your child love
  • 1 yard fabric in another design you and your child love
  • 3.5 yards pom pom trim

DIY - Reversible Tablecloth Materials



Step 1: Cut each yard of fabric down to 30 inches by 30 inches.

DIY - Reversible Tablecloth Step 1

Step 2: Sew the pom trim to one of the fabrics by placing the trim to the right side of the fabric. Poms should be facing towards the middle of the fabric.

DIY - Reversible Tablecloth Step 3

Step 3: Sew your stitch line close to the edge of the poms. If your machine has an option to move the needle, move it as far to the left as possible.

DIY - Reversible Tablecloth Step 3

Step 4: Sew the entire pom trim strip to the fabric.

DIY - Reversible Tablecloth Step 4

Step 5: Take the other fabric and press ½ inch in on all sides to the wrong side.

DIY Reversible Tablecloth - Step 5

Step 6: Place the pressed fabric and lay it on top of the wrong side of the fabric with pom trim sewn to it and pin in place. Make sure the pom trim seam allowance is folded in also, so the pom trim is outside the tablecloth.

DIY Reversible Tablecloth - Step 6

Step 7: Sew the two fabrics together by sewing a straight stitch close to the pom trim on the right side of the fabrics.

DIY Reversible Tablecloth - Step 7

Now you're prepared when the next neighbor pops in for an elegant tea party!

DIY Reversible Tablecloth - FINAL