DIY Jack O’ Lantern Mason Jar Kids’ Cups

My son has become completely enamored with Jack o’ Lanterns this year. Since we only have so many pumpkins we can carve together, I wanted to make him a little something that he could carry around with him this week for Halloween. This Halloween craft is great for just your kiddo, or if you’re throwing a party, you can make a slew of these mason jar kids cups with varying Jack o’ Lantern faces, fill them with juice, and line them up on the drink table.



  • mason jar
  • orange enamel spray paint
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • black contact paper
  • straw

Mason Jar Jack-O-Lantern - Materials


Step 1: Spray paint your jar(s) with the enamel spray paint. You’ll want to make sure they are completely dry before you handle them. It’s best to wait 12 to 24 hours.

Tip: If it’s too cold to go outside and you don’t want to make a mess, just place the jars in a cardboard box for spray painting as shown below:

Mason Jar Jack-O-Lantern - Step 1

Step 2: While you’re waiting for the jars to dry, cut out the jack o’ lantern face from the contact paper. If you want a happy face, try arching the bottom of the eyes. It works!

Mason Jar Jack-O-Lantern - Step 2

Step 3: Once the jars are dry, add the face! Doesn’t he look happy?

Mason Jar Jack-O-Lantern - Step 3

Step 4: Take your hole punch and punch out three or four circles until your hole is wide enough to clear a straw.

Mason Jar Jack-O-Lantern - Step 4

Step 5: Reassemble the jar, add your straw, and enjoy your new adorable cup! Close the lid tightly once you fill the jars with drinks, and be sure kids only drink from the straw and NOT directly from the spray painted jar.