Easter Bunny Mask Craft

Easter Bunny Mask DIY Craft


  • cereal box (or other cardboard)
  • duct tape (white and pink)
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • exacto knife
  • pencil
  • string
  • cutting mat

Easter Bunny Mask Craft - Materials



Step 1: Cut out the front or back panel of the cereal box so that it lays flat.

Step 2: Using your pencil draw the shape of the mask and cut it out. This is a great job for the kids! Give them a pencil in case they need to erase and re-draw. Kids can draw freehand or use a template.

Easter Bunny Mask Craft - Step 1

Step 3: Using the exacto knife, cut out the eyes.

Easter Bunny Mask Craft - Step 2

Note: Later on I ended up making the eyes bigger than shown here. After my son tried on the mask, I saw the eyes needed to be larger—it’s a trial and error thing based on the size of your child’s face.

Step 4: Place the mask down with the printed side of the cereal box facing up. Cut strips of the white duct tape and cover the mask. Even the eyes!

Easter Bunny Mask Craft - Step 3

Step 5: Using the exacto knife, cut around the shape of the mask through the duct tape. This is also a good time to cut the eye holes bigger, if needed, or change the size of the nose area (which I also did).

Easter Bunny Mask Craft - Step 4

Step 6: Put a strip of the pink duct tape on the cutting mat and cut out a skinnier shape of the ears.

Easter Bunny Mask Craft - Step 5

Step 7: Place the pink on the ears for that classic and fun bunny look!

Bunny Mask DIY - Step 6

Step 8: Take your hole punch and punch a hole on both sides of the mask. Try and make these as even as possible. It just makes the mask turn out better in the end.

Easter Bunny Mask - Step 7

Step 9: Cut your string and knot it onto either side of the mask. Now you are done! Attach it to your child and get ready for some Easter fun!

Easter Bunny Mask DIY

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