New Year’s Eve Glitter Ball DIY Craft

New Year's Eve is coming right up, and I have a fun way to celebrate with your family: make your own New Year's Eve Glitter Ball. Setting up your own NYE ball and having it drop to signify the new year is a great way to celebrate with younger kids who have to get in bed before midnight. With a few simple supplies and a small amount of time, you can DIY your very own New Year's ball!



  • styrofoam ball (any size you choose)
  • spray adhesive
  • silver glitter
  • 1 eye pin
  • string
  • clear spray paint¬†
  • cardboard box
  • trash bag or newspaper

NYE Ball DIY - Supplies


Step 1: Place your cardboard box on top of your trash bag or newspaper. This will help protect your surface from the adhesive spray and the glitter.

NYE Ball DIY - Step 1

Step 2: Place the ball inside the box and spray it with the adhesive. Immediately, (be very quick befpre the glue dries!) sprinkle the glitter onto the ball. Repeat this on all sides of the ball to make sure it's covered well with the glitter.

NYE Ball DIY - Step 2

Step 3: Let the bal sit and dry completely.

Step 4: After the glue is totally dry, insert the eye pin anywhere on the ball. If the pin is wobbly, try reinforcing it with glue; hot glue will work best.

NYE Ball DIY - Step 3

Step 5: Spray the ball with the clear spray paint, applying it in very thin, light coats. This is very important because the clear spray locks in the glitter and seals the ball so glitter doesn't get everywhere and mess up your home! Don't spray too much at a time or the paint may seep through and eat away at the styrofoam.

NYE Ball DIY - Step 4

Step 6: Cut a length of string.

NYE Ball DIY - Step 5

Step 7: Thread the string through the eye pin and knot it securely. Now you're ready to hang it up and party! Happy New Year!

NYE Ball DIY - Step 6

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