Christmas Card Holder DIY

Holiday DIY: Christmas Card Holder


  • foam board
  • fabric (in whatever patterns or colors you like)
  • mailing or duct tape
  • scissors
  • straight edge or ruler
  • craft knife
  • pins or hanging strips (like 3M Command Hanging Strips; these leave no marks on your walls)
  • thumbtacks
  • jingle bells (optional)
  • ribbons (optional
  • chenille stems/pipe cleaners (optional)

Christmas Card Pinboards Materials



Step 1: Cut foam boards to desired size. Cut fabric at least 2 inches larger than board on all sides.

Step 2: Lay cut fabric right side down on your surface and lay the cut foam board on top and center. Fold the sides of the fabric over to the back of board and secure it with mailing or duct tape being sure to pull the fabric taut as you tape down. If you are making more than one board, repeat the process on the other boards.

Christmas Card Holder  - Step 1

Step 3 (optional): Thread a jingle bell on a chenille stem and twist the stem onto itself to secure bell in place.

Christmas Card Boards - Step 3

Step 4 (optional): Make a bow with ribbon and then wrap the ends of the chenille stems around the center of bow. If your chenille stems aren’t the same color as the ribbon place the center lop of the bow so it hides the stems.

Christmas Card Holder - Step 4

Step 5 (optional): Use a straight pin to attach bow and jingle bells to board.

Step 6: Attach the board to the wall using pins, tacks, or hanging strip (3M Command Hanging Strips are perfect becuase they won’t damage or leave marks on your walls). Use thumbtacks to attach cards to the board.

Christmas Card Holder - Step 6

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