Stenciled Dinner Napkins

This is a fast and fun way to add some style to plain and boring cloth napkins


With a set of alphabet stencils you can create unique and customized napkins for any occasion.  Sayings, names, monograms… you are only limited by the size of the napkin.  They also are the perfect hostess gift.  I made this set of 4 and it took me less than 10 minutes.


Supplies Needed:


  • Napkins
  • Craft Paint
  • Fabric Medium
  • Alphabet stencils
  • Stencil brush or foam pouncer
  • Mixing bowl and stick to mix
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Paper towel

1.  Find the letters from the stencil set that you need and cut them apart. I chose to use all lower case. I lined them up and then taped them together to create the word “eat”. Taping them together also makes doing repetitive napkins go quickly.

2. Mix 1-part fabric medium to 2-parts craft paint and mix well.  To do one set of napkins you only need a small bit of this paint mixture. The fabric medium helps the paint adhere better to the fabric so you can wash it. 

3.  Place a piece of cardboard under the section of the napkin you are going to stencil. This will help keep the fabric flat and rigid while you pounce the stencil brush over the letters and also protect your work surface.

4. Dip the stencil brush or pouncer into the paint and then dab on a piece of paper towel to remove excess paint.

5.  Pounce the brush/pouncer over the open section of the letter and keep pouncing until you have the openings covered. Less paint is better when stenciling. If you apply too much paint it will just bleed under the stencil and make a mess. 

6. Once the paint is dry you can heat set the paint by laying a cloth over the stenciled area and press for a few seconds with a warm iron.