DIY: Bakers Twine Tassel

Bakers twine has so many uses – here is one of my favorites – fun, colorful, and easy to make tassels to hang on a key, use to embellish a gift, or even your child’s shoes or hat. 


I ordered my twine online at The Twinery.

Supplies Needed:

  • Bakers Twine. I used 6 colors of twine to make my tassel. One skein would make one solid color tassel.
  • 3″ x 3″ piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Push pin

1. Gather the ends of your twine together and place them at the bottom of the cardboard. Start wrapping the twine around the cardboard.  The more twine you use- the fuller your tassel will be. 

2. When you like the fullness, cut the twine at the bottom.

3. Gather about 6 inches from all the colors of the twine and place them under the wrapped twine along the top of the cardboard. Tie into a tight knot. Trim ends with scissors.

4. Cut the bottom loops with scissors.

5.  Knot the ends of a 12 – inch length of combined color twine and stick a push pin into it.  If you don’t have a push pin. Place the knot in a closed cabinet door or drawer.  You need to have the end anchored to twist the twine to make twisted cord to hang the tassel.

6. Twist the twine until it gets tight.

7. When the length of twine is twisted, hold one finger on the center of the twisted twine and let the end go. It will twist back onto itself to make a cord.  You may have to nudge it along with your fingers.

8. Tie and knot the twisted cord around the center of the tassel.  Place the knot on the underside of the tassel.

9. Fold twine in half to form tassel.  Wrap a 5-inch section of mixed twine tightly around the tassel about 3/4-inch from the bottom.

10. Use the tips of the scissors to tuck the ends of the twine under the wrapped twine to secure.

11.  Trim the bottom edge so that it is even.

To hang the tassel on a key.  Untwist the top of the cord  and thread it through the hole in the key. Bring the tassel through the loop and then pull the tassel down. The cord will twist again by itself.