DIY: Patterned Cork Trivets

You can never have too many trivets! These cork trivets are inexpensive, useful and oh so fun to design!

Use a combination of different colors and patterns to make your own personalized, adorable trivet set. These would also make great gifts!

You’ll need:

  • Cork Circles – buy them or cut your own
  • Tape
  • Spray Paint
  • Scissors

For these trivets you can either buy the cork already cut into circles (like I did) or you can buy a roll or sheet of cork and cut it yourself. Once you have the cork shape you want, cut the tape to create the desired design. I wanted a zigzag look so a bunch of lined up triangles were what I needed.

Make sure to cover all of the area you want to remain cork colored really well with tape. Some tapes can be really thin and paint can bleed through, so make sure to cover the area well!

Now we’re ready to paint! Take your spray paint of choice and a box and paint until you get the color you want.

Let your trivets dry and remove the tape. Now enjoy your new, adorable trivets!