DIY: Nail It In Decor

Trimming out your furniture, walls, and decorative accessories with nail head trim is a fun way to add a trendy update to your furnishings. 

All you need is a hammer, some nail heads or thumb tacks, and a tape measure. 

The key to getting a professional look is to space the nail heads at even intervals.  Pin a tape measure along the line where you want to add the nail heads. Space the nail head trim to touch or keep a space in-between each one.  You can create many different looks with how you decide to space them. 

You can find nail heads at your local home improvement store as well as at office supply stores. They sell many different color thumbtacks which are an inexpensive option.  Online reupholstery suppliers are another good resource. Check out:  the and

1. Pencil in a design on a headboard using a stencil or follow the pattern in fabric. Hammer in the nail heads along the drawn lines.

Photo:  Annie Selke

2. Spray glue fabric to a piece of furniture.  Outline the piece with nailheads

Photo: Unknown

3. Instead of just following the lines of the piece, create added interest by placing the nail heads in a scalloped design.

Photo: Craig

4. Nail heads do not have to be butted up against each other. Look how nice they look when seperated.

Photo:  House Beautiful

5. Trim  the sides of an art canvas with ribbon and white thumb tacks.


6. Outline fabric covered bulletin boards to add instant style to your office.


7.  Add nailheads where you would least expect them – outlining your framed artwork.


8. Use white thumb tacks to attach colorful ribbon to the front of shelves;


9. Draw a pattern on furniture and then add nailheads as a way to go from plain to hip and trendy.


10. Totally outline an entire piece of furniture to give it a brand new look.

Photo:  House and Home

11. Add fabric to a table top and then use nailheads to accent the edge.

Photo:  Layla Grace

12. A chic toybox – will look good even in a formal living room.