DIY Tiki Party Cups & Straws for Your Next Backyard Luau

It’s that time of the year when it’s hot, hot, hot outside, and summer pool parties are finally here. So why not get a little cheeky with a luau-themed party and really get into the summer season with these DIY tiki party cups?

They’re great for parties, and kids will love drinking out of them (even if it’s just water). 


Supplies to make tiki cup


  • Disposable plastic drink cups and lids (available on Amazon)
  • Card stock (for template, optional)
  • Paper bag
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


Trace cup lid

Step 1: Let’s get started with the little tiki hut toppers. For the first step, I made a template so that I could create multiple toppers, but you can always make just one or two without the template. If you’d like to use a template for multiple toppers, start by tracing the lid of the cup.

Create tiki template

Step 2: Then draw another circle that’s approximately 1″ larger than the original circle, with a section missing. Think of this shape as a pie with a slice missing. My “slice” was 1/6th of the total “pie.” Add a large dot to the middle. This will be the part for the straw to go through. Then cut out the template.

 Paint paper bags

Step 3: Paint the paper bag in any colors you’d like. I chose lilac, violet, and coral for mine. Alternately, you could leave the paper plain for a grassy look or use colored card stock.

Trace template shape onto paper painted bags

Step 4: Once the paper is dry, use the template to trace topper shapes onto the paper and cut them out. I used two toppers per cup for a fuller and stronger topper.

Glue and fringe tiki shape

Step 5: Glue the two straight edges together with a thin bead of hot glue to make a little paper cone. Leave a small hole in the top for the straw to go through. Fringe the bottom edge with scissors. Be careful to not cut too far up so that the topper retains its strength and structure. Repeat this step for a fuller tiki hut look, and glue the two together with the glue gun.

Finished tiki cup

Step 6: Thread a straw through the tiki hole and poke through plastic cup. For some extra flair, I threaded two or three flowers cut from a party favor flower lei onto drinking straws.

Step 7: Fill the finished cups with some ice, fruit, and lemonade for a refreshing drink at a Hawaiian luau-themed birthday party, etc. Or try an infused fruit water instead.



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