How to Marble with Nail Polish

Back to school is right around the corner, so it seems like the perfect time to put together a project to get kids excited about getting back into the daily grind of schoolwork.


Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for how to marble with nail polish. This marbled pocket folder project is quick and inexpensive, at less than a dollar a piece, and should do the trick to get the kids pumped up about waking up early and hearing that bell ring again. 

Finished Marbled Folder

All you need is a little bit of nail polish and a few other household items. Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need.

Supplies for Back to School Folder DIY


  • Paper 2-Pocket Folders
  • Nail Polish in Various Colors
  • Toothpicks or Wooden Kabob Sticks (optional)
  • Spray Sealant (optional)
  • Large Dish, Container, or Pan (that you will no longer be able to use for food after this project)
  • Water


Note: Before getting started, be sure to set up for this tutorial in a well ventilated area, outside if possible. The nail polish fumes are a little bit strong smelling for indoors.

Step 1 // Add water

1. Start by pouring at least an inch of water into a large container.

Ste 2 // Add nail polish

2. Next start adding nail polish into the container, one color at a time. You’ll only need a few drops per color. As you slowly add the drops of nail polish, you’ll see the droplets expand and start creating interesting shapes. If the nail polish is not expanding, you may be holding the nail polish too far away from the surface of the water.

Step 3 // Add more nail polish

3. Continue adding nail polish in the colors you want and then gently drag a toothpick or wooden skewer through the colors to create a more marbled look, if desired.

Step 4 // Dip folder into water

4. Next, dip the folder, facedown, into the water. Then, quickly pull it back out.

Step 5 // Let folder dry

5. Set the folder aside to dry. Once dry, you can add a coat of spray sealant if necessary, before using.

DIY Marbled Folders

Back to School DIY // Marbled Folders

DIY Marbled Folders for Back to School

Need some color scheme inspiration for this back to school DIY? Customize the nail polish colors, used for the project, to your child’s school colors or their favorite color, in various shades.