toddler birthday party

12 Terrific Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

In my gig as a DIY designer and just an all-around crafty mom, I’ve planned a lot of toddler birthday parties. And, no matter how many I’ve created or attended, I’m always amazed by how many adorable, fun, goofy, creative toddler party ideas exist. For little kids, it’s always important to incorporate what they’re passionate about, even if you don’t really “get it.” Trust me, my daughter’s last party revolved around poop emojis. Not emojis. Specifically poop emojis. I don’t get the fascination, but she and her friends thought it was hilarious. One little boy still talks about those poo shaped brownies.

If your kiddo has a birthday on the horizon, don’t worry. There are plenty of great ways to put a modern twist on any theme. Here, I’ve rounded up 12 terrific toddler birthday party ideas.

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