Spring TV Preview: 8 Shows You Absolutely Can’t Miss

As the mom of two small children, I don’t get out much—and I mean that literally. The only movie I saw during 2015 was Turtle Vision 4D at the aquarium. That’s why I’m grateful to be living in a time when there is so much good TV.  I mean, think of our poor mothers.  When we took naps, they had only “General Hospital” and “The Price is Right” to amuse themselves. Date night was “The Love Boat.”  And when their favorite shows went on hiatus, they were stuck with re-runs. 

But this is 2016, and not only is television way better than it used to be—it might even be better than the movies. Plus, you don’t need a babysitter and the popcorn is free. Here’s a spring TV preview of the shows you need in your life.

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