Parent Guide: Air Bud Golden Receiver

About Air Bud” Golden Receiver

Air Bud: Golden Receiver is the story of a dog that can play football. 8th grader Josh knows his dog, Bud, can play basketball but he doesn’t realize he’s also very good at football. When Josh tries out for the school football team he learns that Bud is great at catching the ball. However, the evil circus owners want to kidnap Bud to make him perform in their circus but Josh must top them before it’s too late.

Rated: G

Parent Guide

Best for: Ages 6 and up





Mature Content



Mild intensity when the bad guys are trying to kidnap the dog.


Air Bud: Golden Receiver is a a great family friendly film that is great for most kids. There are a few mildly intense scenes where the main character and dog are in danger which could be overwhelming for sensitive children. Additionally, the young boys is coming to terms that his mother is dating again after the death of his father. No one dies during the film but parents may wish to discuss these subjects with their children.

air bud golden receiver

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