Hey, Rosario Dawson: Here’s Why You’ll Love Having a Tween

Rosario Dawson just adopted a 12-year-old girl, I think. The notoriously private actress refuses to confirm the news, but People (and a dozen others) report that a source has confirmed the story.

I think people who are selfless and generous enough to adopt are amazing. But I’m not afraid to admit that when I first read the story I couldn’t help but think, “A 12-year old girl? Is Rosario Dawson nuts? In one year her daughter will be a teenager! Teenagers are, well, they’re teenagers!”


If you’re like me, you hear the words “teenage girl” and you immediately hear the Jaws theme song and you want run for the hills. That’s because tweens and teens, especially girls, are notoriously difficult to deal with. But, they’re amazing too. Here’s how:

They keep you up to date on the fashion trends. As a Mom I struggle to stay hip and in style. But tweens follow trends like it’s their job, so living with a tween is sort of like living with your own built-in stylist.

They keep you honest. Sure, some tweens seem rude, but maybe they’re just learning to be direct. So while it may seem rude when they tell you that your outfit makes you look fat or your jeans are a decade too old, they’re probably right.

You can have a real conversation with them. They’re going to start to develop interests in movies, music, fashion, and sports. There’s a chance there may be some crossover with your interests and a chance for a real two-way conversation. Could be fun. 

You might get to go to a Katy Perry concert. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift may be the guilty pleasures you don’t dare admit to your friends, but your kids will need a ride to the show. And that ride could be you. Your kids will be so busy trying to pretend they’re not with you to notice that you’re singing all the words, really, really loud. Go girl!

You get to see what kind of person she’s turning in to. Tweens are starting to develop their own identities. This makes for a lot of growing pains between mom and daughter, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for mom to stand back and see the person she raised grow and mature.

You get to re-live your tween years (without having to really re-live them). Sure, there was heartbreak in junior high and mean girls in high school, but there were also sleepovers, best friends, and boy bands. As our daughters go from little kids to big kids, we get to re-live the fun parts of our teenage years without having to re-live the horrible ones.

Anyone who makes the choice to adopt is amazing, but Rosario Dawson’s choice to adopt a 12-year-old girl is inspiring. As a new mom of a tween, Rosario’s probably in for some “I have a pimple!” meltdowns. And there’s surely going to be a few tears over boys who didn’t call. But she’s also in for an amazing gift, getting to watch her daughter blossom into a young adult. Surely that’ll make enduring all the eye rolls worth it.

Photo: Getty