Kate Gosselin Hopes For A Career In TV

Kate Gosselin opens up about her career hopes post-reality TV.

The reality mom's show "Kate Plus 8" was just canceled by TLC, but don't write off the Gosselin family just yet. Kate shares that she hopes to remain on TV in some form. “I would love to go forward with a TV career. I feel very comfortable in this role.”

She says the kids are just as worried as she is about their future: "[They asked], ‘Are we still going to be able to live here in our house? And are we still going to be able to go to our school?’ They go to private school… All of those things are huge privileges, and I wasn’t ready for those questions, because I was asking myself those same things behind the scenes.”

Kate isn't ruling out the possibility of another reality show with her brood: "Never say never. I’m gonna say that. There’s a lot of people out there that care about them, and for me to say, ‘No, you’ll never see them again?’ I can’t say that.”

In the meantime, to get your fix of the Gosselin family, you can check out Kate's website: KatePlusMy8.com



Photos by Wenn.com & Splash