Why Megan Fox Wants To Wait To Have Kids

Actress Megan Fox says that she has a specific reason for waiting to have kids.

Megan, who is already stepmom to 9-year-old Kassius with her husband Brian Austin Green, is in Toronto to promote her new movie "Friends With Kids" and took a moment to share why she isn't in any rush to have a baby just yet. "I absolutely want biological children. I've always wanted kids. It's just about the timing."

She says it has a lot do with financial security, too:

"I have it in my mind about what amount of money I want in the bank so that I can protect that child's future, and really protect it, so that kid never struggles. Once I feel safe with that, then I'll have kids."

It sounds like she has a realistic grasp on the costs of having kids and I applaud her for not rushing into it too soon.


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