Padma Lakshmi Is Thankful Her Daughter Isn’t Picky

"Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi is starting her daughter off right with healthy eating habits.


Padma shares that her daughter, 10-month-old Krishna, is off to a great start with healthy foods that Padma prepares fresh.  The celebrity mom says all of Krishna's food is homemade: “We just make lentils, rice and kale. She loves kale, loves cumin. She eats carrots, sweet potatoes, and a little onion. She eats great — there is nothing she won’t eat. My mom taught me how to make all kind of vegetables, stews, pilafs and curries, obviously,”

I give her a lot of credit for doing that.  In our rush-rush convenience-food society, it's hard to shift our focus to eating whole, fresh foods sometimes, but raising her daughter this way from "day one" will really help her stick to that way of eating as she grows up.

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