Kelly Ripa Says Manners Are Mandatory With Her Kids

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are making sure they raise respectful children.

 Kelly shared that she doesn't expect perfection from her kids except when it comes to manners.  “I always tell my kids — you don’t have to be the best at sports, the smartest, the best at math, but you do have to have the best manners. I don’t tolerate piggish behavior in kids, and mine have learned the hard way.”

Certain expectations have had surprising results.  She laughed: “I am very serious about sending thank you notes — to the point where my oldest son, Michael, has asked to not have birthday presents anymore because he doesn’t want the burden of thank you letters.”

One thing the family does each night to keep the communication flowing: “We have a routine. We go around the table and listen to everyone’s stories of the day, what happened in school, what we liked and didn’t like,”

Kudos to them for focusing on good manners with their kids.  It sounds like common sense parenting, but it's so often overlooked nowadays.

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