Denise Richards And Charlie Sheen Have An “Eventful” Trip To NYC

Denise Richards and ex-husband Charlie Sheen take their girls to NYC.


Denise is in New York to promote her series "Blue Mountain State" and decided to bring along her daughters, Sam and Lola, since they've never been to NYC before.  Charlie had a bit of down time from shooting "Two and a Half Men", so he tagged along as well.  The former couple was spotted around the city with their girls, including a trip the American Girl store. 

Things got a little crazy on Monday night when there was a bit of drama in Charlie's hotel room (Denise and the girls weren't in the same room) and he wound up in the hospital.  Charlie's rep claims that he had a terrible allergic reaction to some medicine, but the media has been in a frenzy trying to find out what "really" went down and claiming that Charlie fell off the wagon "hard". 

The girls have no idea what happened and Denise is doing her best to shield them from the incident. "Our daughters are at an age where they’re very young and thank God they can’t just turn on the Internet and turn the news on and hear different things. I definitely protect them as much as possible. This is stuff that obviously they’re too young to understand, that I don’t want to have to explain right now, so we protect them as much as [we] can.” She accompanied Charlie to the hospital, but didn't speak of it in her interviews the following day – only to say that: "It's been a very eventful trip."

Denise Richards, sunglasses, black tank top, necklace, jeans, black purse

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