Rebecca Romijn Has Her Hands Full

Rebecca Romijn chats about baby weight and juggling twins.

Rebecca chatted recently about what it's like juggling a twin set of toddlers.  Her daughters Charlie and Dolly, 19-months, are becoming double trouble. "We took the girls on their first merry-go-round ride. One of them was really into it and the other wasn't having it,"  "We went for a surry ride with the fringe on top — it's like a bicycle with the baby seats in the front. They were instructed to wear helmets but they kept trying to take them off. Then they discovered it was more fun to bash each other in the heads with their helmets!"

The former "Ugly Betty" actress struggles to squeeze some exercise into her hectic schedule.  "I'm still working on the last few pounds of baby weight," "I really just try to work in a half hour of some sort of workout routine every day. I try to break a sweat every day. It doesn't always happen that way, but that's the goal."  Rebecca and husband Jerry O'Connell try to find creative ways to sneak in a workout.  "We play a lot of badminton, we go tandem bike riding, we try to keep it fun."  

Rebecca Romijn, red shimmery floor-length dress, diamond bracelet, dangle earrings