Inspire Kids’ Imaginations to Take Flight Through Reading This Summer

Near or far, books bring us together. I’m a born and bred Californian, and I recently moved to the Midwest to embark on a new adventure with my husband. In California I left behind so many beloved friends, and I’m not going to lie—it’s been a struggle to find meaningful ways to keep in touch.

What’s more important than anything is that I get a chance to watch my best friends’ kiddos—my nieces and nephews—grow and flourish. We have to find creative ways to spend valuable time together despite the distance, and there’s no better way to bond with my favorite munchkins than with a favorite book. We love sharing laughs, screen-time, and a great read.


And, I mean…really. There are just NO fancier gals than these three…

Encouraging little ones to expand their minds and imaginations is really important to me—and it’s extremely important to JetBlue, my favorite family-friendly airline, too.

JetBlue, wants to make sure that EVERY child gets to embark on their very own literary adventure this summer. Now in its fourth year, JetBlue’s annual Soar with Reading program puts age-appropriate books in the hands of kiddos in underserved areas across the nation. Partnering once again with bestselling children’s author Mary Pope Osborne of the Magic Tree House® series, JetBlue will donate up to $500,000 worth of books, host reading events across the country (check to see if and when they’re coming to your hometown here!), and launched the Soar with Reading mobile app , all with one goal— to inspire kids’ imaginations to take flight through reading!

The Soar with Reading program has lofty ambitions of hitting their goal of $500,000 in book donations, and we need your (yes YOUR) help! With just a few simple clicks, you can help get books to deserving kids this summer! Here’s how:

  • Head over to, or download and launch the NEW Soar with Reading mobile app to guess where Jack and Annie of the Magic Tree House® are traveling.
  • Each guess you make will trigger a book donation to children in under-served communities nationwide. Head back to the site and app frequently to continue guessing—each guess you make triggers a book donation!

With the nation’s most recent report card reflecting stagnant reading scores for high school seniors, it’s more important than ever that we make reading a fun and important part of our kids’ childhood, setting them up for a lifelong love affair with the written word.

Support JetBlue’s Soar with Reading by encouraging others to help JetBlue reach its donation goal by using the hashtag #SoarwithReading on social media. Visit, now and often—we can’t reach $500,000 in book donations without YOU!

This post was sponsored by JetBlue