Why An E-Reader Is Worth Every Penny

Have you ever thought about purchasing an e-reader? Right now, there's a lot of competition out there for your paperless reading dollar! My personal favorite is the Kindle. I paid way too much for it, exactly 33 days (if it had been within 30 days I could have gotten a refund, so this is significant) before the big price drop of 2010. Yes, we paid $256 for a Kindle that now costs just over $100! Was it really worth it?

I'm going to say yes, in fact I'm going to elaborate further and say it's one of the best purchases I've ever made!

Here's why I think an e-reader is a great frugal choice for all book lovers:

  1. Books are cheaper when they are in e-reader format! Sometimes as much as $10-$20 cheaper depending on what book you are interested in.
  2. You can get books immediately when they come out. You don't have to wait to have them shipped (and pay shipping) or make a drive to your local bookstore.
  3. Many e-readers (coming soon to the Kindle) now have the ability to check out books from the local library remotely. Totally free!
  4. Less burden on the environment, which puts a bit more money in everyone's pockets.
  5. Less clutter in your home. Less clutter leads to better organization and better organization leads to saving money.
  6. The ability to share books between friends has worked it's way into many e-readers. Sharing is caring!
  7. They are ridiculously cheap nowadays, and can hold enormous quantities of books!
  8. Free public domain titles. If it's public domain, it's yours for free!
  9. A steady rotation of pretty decent free titles rotate through Amazon every week.
  10. Not interested in buying an actual e-reading device? That's not a problem either, just download a free app for your phone, computer or iPad.

Don't get me wrong, I was hesitant at first to go the e-reader route. I love the feel of a book in my hands and I thought I'd always be conscious that I have an electronic device in my hands. I was mistaken though, you get used to it very quickly!

I will admit that reference books are still better to buy in physical form. You can bookmark and highlight on e-readers, but I still prefer the old study guide method of bookmarking for reference books.

The initial investment might seem steep, but they are actually very reasonable!

Or, if you aren't in a purchasing mood, just download a free e-reading app from Amazon and get started today!

Do you have an e-reader? Do you love it?