The Best Car Toys For Boys

A few weeks ago I got a delivery from Hasbro and my son and his play group went wild. For a long time I resisted the urge to get him car toys, but I noticed that during play dates he always reached for his friends’ cars. Even simple cars would entertain him for long periods of time as he explored the wheels, the sounds, the doors, etc. There was a great podcast from Lovevery that actually dives into the research showing that boys and girls brains are, in fact, very different and, by and large, boys will have a preference for things like cars from a very early age.

To quote the podcast:

What happens when you give little monkeys, literally, monkeys, a choice of playing with a dull, gray truck or colorful doll? And you find the same thing you find in humans, which is that the female monkey, slightly, but not significantly, prefers to play with the doll rather than the truck. You find that the juvenile male monkey greatly prefers to play with the dull, gray truck rather than the colorful doll.

With that in mind I’ve embraced all things cars and found, anecdotally, that my son and his friends will pretty much be entertained by any form of a car (or, in the same category, a truck, a plane, etc.) I put in front of them, though for varying lengths of time. Checkout some standout launches below.

Ghostbusters Movie Ecto-1 Playset, $27.99

Marvel Spider-Man Spider Escape Jet, $44.19

Play-Doh Wheels Front Loader Toy Truck, $17.57

NEW PJ Masks Deluxe Sky Pirate Battleship, $21.97

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