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Alex Drummond, Daughter of The Pioneer Woman, Is Enjoying the Married Life

Alex Drummond, daughter of the infamous Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is in no rush to have a baby. Last May, the 24-year-old Drummond married Mauricio Scott (in a gorgeous ceremony). According to People, the topic has certainly been discussed but the young couple is enjoying life as-is for the time being.


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“It’s kind of weird because I feel like I’ve gotten that question a lot and people have asked, ‘Oh, are your parents in a rush for you guys to have a baby and get grandchildren?” Drummond told People. She goes on to state that she’s felt no pressure to rush at all.

Alex Drummond Says Mom Supports Enjoying Marriage First

“If anything, they’ve been like, ‘Take your time. Enjoy marriage. You guys are both still so young,” Drummond says of her mother’s support. From there, she mentions that her parents were 28 when they had her and believe she has plenty of time.

Drummond explains that both she and her husband are at ease and want to “set our own pace.” She also mentions that she doesn’t think that her mom is “dying to become a grandma yet.”


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“I know they’d be so excited if we did,” she says, but is happy to enjoy being married for a little bit. We suspect that the grandparents-to-be are just as happy for her to do just that.

Currently, Drummond is focused on building her home with Scott. She shared with People that she’s putting their first home together “piece by piece,” using bits from her mom’s new bed and bath line. Predominantly, Drummond’s mom is known for her cookware and recipes (my own mom owns almost everything).

Overall, as Drummond puts it, neither she or her husband have siblings already married to catch up to. Which, of course, takes a lot of pressure off. Both husband and wife met as undergrads at Texas A&M University. They engaged in August of 2020 and married last May. Their wedding, filled with great fun and great food, was filmed by the Food Network and released as a special on the network.

Did you watch the wedding of Alex Drummond and Mauricio Scott? How do you feel about waiting to have kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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