The Baby Yoda Craze Continues…With Baby “Snowdas”

The Baby Yoda craze is continuing…this time in the form of snow sculptures.

The cute “Mandalorian” creature, which has taken over the internet, has now taken over our backyards. Kids and adults have been making spot-on Baby Yoda snowmen and posting photos of their amazing creations online – and they are pretty amazing.


These snowmen – or as some are affectionately calling them, “Baby Snowdas” – have recently started popping up all over Twitter and Instagram, catching the attention of Star Wars fans and Baby Yoda fans alike and kicking off a fun cold-weather trend. Hundreds of enthusiasts have posted pics of Baby Snowda with the hashtags #ShareYourWeather, #BabyYoda, and #Snowda.

Below are just a few examples of the Baby Yoda snowman designs:

This Baby Yoda gives Frosty a run for his money:

This Baby Yoda stands 6-feet-tall:

How cute?

This one is green:

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