Newborns Feel ‘The Force,’ Dress Up For New Star Wars Movie

AdventHealth for Women in Orlando, Florida recently celebrated the highly anticipated release of the new Star Wars movie, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” by dressing up their newborns in the sweetest little costumes depicting beloved characters like Princess Leia and Yoda, to name a few.

The hospital is located in close proximity to Disney World and the Star Wars Galaxy Edge, the new Star Wars world park, and so are influenced by the magical culture of all things Star Wars. The staff and medical teams were very excited about the new release and wanted to share some of that with their tiniest patients.

Dr. Rajan Wadhawan who is the senior executive officer of AdventHealth for Women told Good Morning America, “Being in a hospital is stressful for any patient or any family, so we try and do anything that we can to bring smiles to faces and distract from the healthcare aspect. We try to bring an element into the hospital that allows people to disconnect from that clinical element, even if for a brief period of time.”

The babies are swaddled in soft cloth and wear hand-crocheted hats that depict a specific character. Some lucky little ones even get to have a crocheted lightsaber (jealous!) to add a touch of extra to the sweet ensemble. Their sweet sleepy faces and the cozy baskets they are snuggled into are really and truly just the most precious thing ever.

The new movie that has generated so much excitement in the nursey at AdventHealth is in theatres now and is bringing in some dolla dollas. On its opening day in the US it racked in $176 million and $374 internationally. No news yet about which character the babies love the most but we’re pretty sure these little Jedi’s will no doubt be super fans in due time.

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