Chrissy Teigen Is Every Mom in Hilarious Video of Luna

One of my biggest fears as a mother is that one of my kids will repeat something colorful that I said out loud and maybe shouldn’t have. You know, the good stuff like dropping an f-bomb in the middle of a sentence for emphasis. So far, my kids have been relatively quiet on the repeating-crazy-things-mom-said front. Even so, just in case anyone needs a reminder that kids are always listening, Chrissy Teigen has posted a hilarious video of her daughter, Luna repeating some of her mom’s sass.

With one caption, Teigen sums up the comedy of what went down in Luna’s Playhouse pretend restaurant on July 10th. She wrote, “Oh dear. They really do hear everything. #waittiltheend” and trust us, you want to watch this one all the way through.

In the video Teigen posted to her Instagram account, Luna asks her famous mom for some orange juice, water, and…yup, even some wine. Not missing a beat (but clearly seeing the humor in this situation), Teigen serves her daughter three cups filled with imaginary juice, water, and wine. The make-believe play kept rolling as Teigen cooked Luna’s imaginary salmon but the truly funny sass that left the Internet in tears laughing was when Teigen presented Luna with the bill. Even at the tender age of three, Luna thought that $20 was perhaps a bit steep and so she replied with “what the—?!” Teigen’s response was fabulous, she basically fell over laughing.

As parents, we all hope that the things our kids pick up from us are good manners, kind words, and decent behaviors because let’s be real, no one wants to raise an a**hole. But sometimes they do spit out some real zingers. My toddler once told my mother-in-law – who talks A LOT – that she needed to be quiet and sit down. Luckily for me, my mother-in-law took it pretty well.

Teigen is no stranger to funny situations with her kids and she shares them unabashedly online for the rest of us to relate to. With the aid of her Twitter account, she expertly trolls her musician husband, John Legend and she posts so many parenting punchlines that it is no wonder that she has 11 million followers on Twitter and 24 million on Instagram.

As any mom with little kids can attest; they really do hear and see everything and sometimes the less than flattering things we say and do will pop up at the least convenient time. Thankfully for Teigen, Luna’s entertaining imitation of her famous mom was a fabulous reminder for the rest of us to watch what we say –and do.

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