Unboxing New Toys With My Paw Patrol Crazed 3 Year Old

In recent months, I have seen a massive shift in Harvey. He is no longer a toddler that constantly requires my full attention. A year ago, if there was silence, I would instantly panic and think he had got into the Sudocrem again, but these days more and more, I am finding him playing independently. His playtime has also become more creative.


I will sneak up to his room to find him creating scenarios with his toys, in particular, rescue missions. They are always running from a dinosaur or being rescued in a fire. And as I quietly peer around the corner and watch him, I am in awe of how quickly his mind is developing.

Harvey is also Paw Patrol crazy, so when Mumtastic asked me if I would like to try out these Paw Patrol toys with Harvey, I knew he would lose his mind. And that, he did.

You don’t just have to take my word for it! You can check out his reaction for yourselves in the video below. I was also blown away by his textbook knowledge of all the pups’ names and his recreation of the rescue scenarios.

We tried out the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, Sub Patroller and each character with their own unique vehicle. The toys are extremely interactive and will keep little minds busy as they transform and carry out rescue missions.

The ultimate Christmas gifts for any child that is as obsessed with Paw Patrol can be found at Kmart, Target, Big W and Mr Toys/Toyworld. Check them out here.