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How Kids Watch Their Favorite TV Shows

Pretty much every night I like to end my long, busy day by decompressing in front of one of my favorite shows. My routine is always the same: I put on my PJs, grab a bottle of water, head to the finished basement, curl up in the spot that has a me-shaped indent in it, grab a blanket, and reach for the many remotes. That’s it. Always at night, no kids, just quiet. Ahhh…

My kids, on the other hand, have no routine. Any time, any place, any twisted position, any sound level: They can happily enjoy their favorite shows no matter what. These are just some of the ways I’ve witnessed my kids (and my friends’ kids) partaking in some quality TV time:

1. In a pillow fort, surrounded by stuffed animals who look just as riveted.

2. While wrestling.

3. In formal attire, four seconds after arriving home from some painfully long family function they were promised endless screen time for not complaining throughout.

4. While refilling the cracker crumb deficit in the couch, because I finally vacuumed in there.

5. With a handheld device streaming Hulu on their lap (hello, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “The Thundermans”!) while sitting in front of a TV playing their other favorite show because I walked out of the room for a minute and they thought I wouldn’t notice.

6. On the toilet with my cell phone. And no, I didn’t know they swiped from me.

7. While acting out the episode, musical numbers and all (costumes optional).

8. Under the bed, with the iPad I thought was cleverly hidden from them.

9. While riding in the grocery cart on a particularly cranky day. (I’d be the one having the cranky day, obviously.)

10. In the car en route to Grandma’s, because SERENITY NOW.

11. While losing socks.

12. On the smallest handheld device in the house with two other friends, despite being able to watch it on the big TV hanging on the wall right next to them.

13. While standing on an end table, practicing kung fu moves (but never while watching shows that contain actual kung fu moves).

14. After waiting for Daddy to fall asleep on the couch in front of some boring news show (which only takes about five minutes of patience).

15. While hanging upside-down off the back of the couch.

16. By being SUPER quiet in the morning so as to not wake up their mom, who insists they clean their rooms before watching TV on the weekends, but she’s still asleep so EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM, MAMA.

17. While taking pictures of it with an old digital camera you didn’t know you still had “for the memory book” which apparently can hold 1,472 kind of blurry photos with the tip of her thumb in the corner of every one.

18. From under the coffee table.

19. In a makeshift bed created out of a living room chair and ottoman, under a blanket, insisting they aren’t tired “not even a little, Mama” (mmmm-HM), because they have been waiting all week for a new episode…for about 10 minutes, because they always fall asleep when they do this.

20. Sprawled in the middle of the floor with no pillows, looking like they just fainted from joy.

21. Pantless.

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