Facebook Chatter from Last Night’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shocker

It was so shocking an episode that people couldn’t help but spoil it for those of us who were too busy to tune in. We’re talking to you, Facebookers who are the kind of people who loudly guess what will happen next in movie theaters.  

But for those of us who first tuned in to the show back in the days when we thought there was a chance Meredith might be normal and Izzie would stick around forever, our emotional responses on social media since this episode aired can be summed up in one of these six ways:

1. Too busy crying to respond.

2. I HATE YOU, SHONDA. *stabs voodoo doll*

3. Without him, there’s no longer a reason to watch the show. 

4. There’s still a chance he’ll wake up!!!

5. I don’t believe it really happened. It’s totally a dream/mental break of Meredith Grey’s that will be revealed in the season finale.

6. People still watch “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Did you see the show? How did you react when you discovered what happened?

Graphic: Kim Bongiorno

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