9 Celebrity Moms Who Treat Their Pets Like Children

Bethenny Frankel

Fans of the SkinnyGirl founderknow her pup Cookie, a regular on RHONY. But when it came to Frankel’s messy divorce from ex-husband Jason Hoppy, Cookie became a focal point with Frankel testifying on the dog’s behalf. “I found out that Jason locked Cookie in the storage unit in our apartment with her dog bed and bowl,” she told the judge. She also claims Hoppy stowed Cookie at a New York dog hotel, but wouldn’t tell Frankel the location. She said Hoppy “wouldn’t tell me or my assistant where she was until after midnight.” Poor Cookie!


Drew Barrymore

Long before Barrymore had daughters Olive and Frankie, she had her dogs. So when it came time to blending her kids and dogs, the “Blended” star jumped in head first. “I put [Olive] with them right away,” she told People. “I was holding her and protective but there are all these wonderful studies that kids that grow up with dogs have better immunities because of the dander and the pollen. And it’s a proven fact that dogs just improve the quality of your life.”


Cindy Crawford

The supermodel admits that becoming a pet owner helped her create more boundaries with her kids. “I had kids before I had dogs, and when I got a dog, the trainer said, ‘You just need to establish yourself as the leader,’” she told People. “God, I wish I had known that before I had kids.” Here, her pup Widget nestles into the couch to watch “The Bachelor” with his mom. Aww.