25 Questions: Jennifer Nettles Fills Us In


Being on tour is inspiring, fun, challenging, tiring, and the largest reason for being a musician.


Your tour digs are sparse in the dressing room, yet comfy on the bus.

Now that you’re a mom, touring is more challenging but full of way more kisses than it was before you had a child. 

Your three tour must-haves are Magnus, Justin, and water.

While you’re on tour, you stay connected to your son by being with him all the time until I have to get ready and go on stage.

Once your tour is finished, you can’t wait to catch up on sleep and get healthy.

Sleeping on a bus is hard. I’ve always been a light sleeper. Now that I’m a mom, it’s 20 fold. ANY disturbance wakes me.

Parenting a toddler is 100% engaging, full of lots of laughter and discovery.

Being mom to a boy is the sweetest. Little boys love their mamas fiercely.

Your child’s name, Magnus, was inspired by a nominee for CNN Heroes a few years ago — a Scottish gentleman named Magnus.

Describe his personality in three words: sweet, vivacious, busy!!!

Your strangest craving was acidic foods, like tomatoes, pickles, and Mexican food.

For you, pregnancy was all pretty foreign. The concept of having another human being growing inside you I found fascinating. The heartburn I did not find fascinating.

The thing that’s surprised you most about motherhood is how completely it changed my entire life. I thought I understood change. I had NO idea.

Looking back, the best advice you received as a new mom was sleep when he sleeps.

Your biggest parenting challenge so far has been a loss of identity. Easy to happen for someone like me. I don’t do many things partially. It has been a conscious effort to try and establish any sort of balance.

But most things have been much easier than you anticipated.

You hope Magnus loves to laugh and dance as much as you do.

But he better never hitch hike in Central America, which you did during my college years.

In music you’re loving the way each genre informs the other now.

But you’re not so into music that’s void of soul or lyrical meaning. I like to be moved (even if it is to move my butt!) emotionally.

These days being at home and feeling rested is inspiring your music.

If you weren’t a singer, you’d probably be a researcher in anthropology, an activist, or a spy.

You plan to perform on stage for the next many years.

Next, you hope to go give Mags a bath. It’s about that time of night as I write this:-)